Hi All,

I'm working on a story that one of the main plot events is that the main character has his throat cut. The setting is the late 1630 in a wilderness area.

The lead up to this is that the character is being tracked by two men. They catch him by surprise and one has a knife to the character's throat. Insert some dialog here. The snapping of a stick startles everybody and the main character panics. He headbutts the man behind him, with the knife. The knife falls away, but still cuts into the throat, at the larynx and severs the vocal cords. Doesn't touch the vein or the artery.

The stick noise, combined with the attack, is enough to scare the attackers away when a third party rushes out from the woods.

Here comes the plausibility question.

The MC's throat is going to swell up, swell shut. The newcomer is an old wilderness man and quickly places a few sticks in the wound to prop open the throat so that the MC can keep breathing. He then goes to the riverbank to find a few stones to use as a cold source to reduce the swelling. After a few days, the swelling has subsided enough to sew up the makeshift trach, minus the MC's voice.

Barring any concerns of infection, that much is probably certain, how plausible does this basic premise seem?

Thanks for your answers.