This is the final cover the publisher chose for my short stories collection:

I am angry on this choice, because I think it misrepresents my character, and I know I can't openly complain (or I can, but it won't change). While I appreciate that the publisher took care to find a Spanish-looking character of the appropriate period, this is not my character. Chago "El Moreno" was a swordsman, not a rifleman, and he was described so in all the stories. Besides, this is a man in his fourties, while my mercenary was executed when in his early thirties.

The image in the cover on red, which was shown first to me, was provided by me and it is a painting in the public domain, The Cavalier by Alex de Andreis (1871-1939). This represents a young swordsman in his late 20s or early 30s. The closest approximation to my character I could find.

1) Which of the covers do you like more and why? (My friend said she liked more the publisher's choice, because the cover looks more modern.)

2) Has it ever happened to any of you too, that looking on the cover the publisher chose for your book, you want to exclaim: "It might be beautiful or at least OK, but it is from another book - this on the cover is definitely NOT my character!" ?