Hello community;

My name is Jerry and I have been writing since and prior to retiring for fun and hope that I might publish something that attracts attention some day. I am recovering from a bad experience, having succumbed to the pitfalls of a vanity publisher for my first book. Not a pleasant way to learn. So now I am plodding along hoping to attract the attention of a reputable agent or publisher. I completed a career in the insurance industry as a large loss claims adjuster and even stuck a claim character into my second endeavor. The jury is out there somewhere probably beyond our own universe, although I doubt they speak or read English. I have always enjoyed horror and fantasy and read the tales of the current and former greats. Having moved to New Mexico, I have been turning the pages of books about the Old West, more specifically about the history and lore of southwestern Indian tribes thereof such as the Navajo and Apache. I joined the group to rub shoulders and maybe gain some insight from aspiring or successful individuals along the path dragging me along behind. Happy Valentines to all!