Hey all!

My name is Sean, I'm 27, and from Chicago. After a couple year hiatus after writing my first book that will forever live in the depths of my computer, I'm starting again with a fervor. I figured joining a community would help both motivate me and keep me on track.

I usually only read YA Fantasy, but occasionally I venture outside those confines to YA Contemporary and Adult Fiction and Fantasy. When it comes to writing I have to have a bit of magic sprinkled in, so I usually end up with YA Fantasy on my hands.

I learned with book one that I am NOT a pantser. This second book I'm currently working on I'm using the snowflake outline to nail down everything down before blundering forward. My goal is to have a complete draft zero in about three months so I can revise prior to a writer's conference in Chicago end of June.

I'm super excited to join this community. If anyone thinks they'll be looking for a CP in the near future I'd be happy to chat!