Hello everyone,

This may sound silly, but I am looking to find instructional books that teach general writing exercises/methods/tips to be able to identify and notice personal life facts about yourself.

The "problem" is that most books about the subject of self-discovery/"know yourself"/ are about discovering some kind of passion, stories, goals, or to be used a therapeutic tool, while I am simply looking to be able to find more factual stuff to mention, even mundane facts, such as- "I have a tennis ball rolling on the floor in my apartment for years, that I have never played with"

It is like being asked, in a casual everyday conversation(not a job/formal interview)- "Please tell something about yourself, or your life", and then, I begin listing stuff, like:
"My cat's name is 'John'"
"I like eating the dessert before the meal"
"I noticed that I always put the phone on the exact same place on any table"

Although it seems to be simple, I am still willing to find more ways/methods/tips to identify and notice more of those factual personal facts, that I may miss(which are obviously endless)

Most relevant books that I found just contain many very specific prompts on specific areas of life, yet I am trying to avoid this many specific prompts' approach, and prefer a more general approach(or tips) that will allow to find personal facts that are beyond any specific area of life.

Many thanks for any advice/books(even better- Ebooks) suggestion.