I guess saying that it is long overdue is a bit inaccurate. I joined this board a couple days ago and havenít had a chance to post here. My obsession with research sort of took that time.

So, on to the introduction.

My name is Jeremy and Iím an aspiring author. Iíve always wanted to be an author. Itís been my dream job since I was in middle school and I descovered how much I enjoyed writing. My writing career began with only Text-based role play and expanded into fan fiction. Once I discovered that you could actually write your own stories without actually being author, my imagination went wild.

I became addicted to writing. Obsessed with the research. I actually love building worlds more than anything. Creating characters and running my own tv series in my mind had taken over my entire world. Taking notes in class? Nope, characters have some traveling to do on the next exciting episode of head fiction. Conversation? I didnít even hear what you said. I didnít even see you. I was so wrapped up in my imagination that I escaped this awful existence.

Iím sure the context speaks for itself. I write Fiction. And to go a bit deeper, I wrote Fantasy. I imagine all of us Fantasy writers have two main reasons for being in it, though Iím sure these can be broken down to many sub categories. We want to escape this world. We simply love the idea of magic, swordplay, other intelligent species, or whatever concepts that are in those worlds.

So, Iím 28. Iíve been writing since I was, Iíd say around 8. Iíve been hooked on writing fantasy since around 11. Of course, there were many breaks and escapes from writing during the years. A year or two here or there. But the imagination has always been there.

Iíve never been a beta reader. When I read, I like to read Fantasy. Was recently given the entire Wheel of Time series for Christmas. I cried. My sister wondered why a grown man cried over books. Oh well. She doesnít know this world. But my sons will. I swear by it!

Anyway, rant over. Hello world, I canít wait to interact with you all. I wouldnít mind beta reading. I just have no idea what is expected of me when doing it. Not to mention Iím kind of in the process of world building, which can take some time with us writers. Anyway, thank you for reading.