Hi all,

I'm a writer from way back and a lifelong lover of novels. I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, of varying levels. Sometimes I just write contemporary fiction and throw in a sci-fi or fantasy element; other times I'm writing full-on epic fantasy or "space adventure" sci-fi. Yet other projects have been dystopian stories.

I have never published anything. I don't know if I want to, and I think that's okay. I mean, of course I WANT to, but I've looked into both traditional publishing and self-publishing, and I'm just not ready to turn over any of my "babies" to either. Traditional publishing scares me (what if they hack apart my work just to make it trendy?), but at the same time I feel that I, and my work, deserve better than Kindle Direct and all its issues. I guess I just don't think that publication is a requirement, at least for me. This is an art. Plenty of people paint in their spare time or share their work with a few friends or fans, rather than being professional fine artists. It may not be a popular opinion, but I maintain that it's okay to write for oneself, friends, family, or whatever.

Regardless, I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading and writing novels, and am happy to share my work with friends and even internet friends - hence joining here to share my work and hopefully support others in this beautiful craft. I am willing to beta read/proofread; I don't know how good I will be at either but i have some experience both proofreading and beta reading stuff for friends.

In other aspects: I'm thirtyish, female, happily partnered, and have a day job as a 3D modeler and watercolor painter (it's a long story). I run a small Etsy shop full of fine art and handmade items. I love pop music. I'm a stationery junkie. I don't look it physically, but I love exercise, running, and being outdoors. And I can read Tarot cards.

That's all. Whoever you are, out there, reading this, I wish you a wonderful day.