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Thread: Martial Arts

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    Quote Originally Posted by edutton View Post
    SCA is the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval recreation group that I was active with in the 90s. I fought sword and shield, and also did a bit of rapier (Renaissance style fencing, in the round).
    What sort of rules did they have for SCA? One of my BB’s brothers does this stuff and says that only swinging strokes are allowed in melees because stabbing is too dangerous (blunt weapons of course). Both of them were playing at home with swords once and the BB stabbed the bejeezus out of his bro (bruising, not actual wounds LOL) because he didn’t know about the rule and was just applying what he knew about sparring to incorporate it into a kind of ‘the sword is an extension of the arm’ scenario. I would have liked to have seen them that day, they are both pretty competitive and being brothers just adds a few layers.

    A couple of years ago I saw some fairly recent pics of a Roman / Greek re-enactment group doing some shield practise against volleys of blunted arrows lobbing down upon them (low velocity bows). That would have been an adrenaline rush but I can’t imagine that they did it legally. Insurance would never cover the loss of an eye in those circumstances, surely? (But how much fun would it be feeling them plunk into your shield?)
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