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What are the things you teach in JJJ for kids? What are the age groups?
We have two groups - one which is 5-8 year olds, and one which is 9-12. Both get roughly the same syllabus of ukemi, basic throws, grab escapes (without joint locks or strikes) and striking to pads. The older class is also learning some pins.

We run a lot of the teaching as games - diving ukemi are much more fun if they're called "leaping the canyon" and you high-five sensei (who's lying on the ground) as you dive into a crash mat. The older kids get a little more serious stuff, but it still helps to organise things as team competitions to help work some of their energy out. Only after a bit of that can we get them to focus on uchikomi etc. It can be a madhouse at times, as they're just out of school and bursting with freedom... !

We're really careful about not teaching them to strike each other, and the rule is that if we hear of any of them using this stuff to fight in school, they're out of the class. Two years in and we've not had to do it yet, which is great.