Sausage, eggs, 'taters 'n' toast. No fork required

For two servings:

2 L'Oven Fresh Golden Sesame Buns toasted and buttered with Countryside Creamery butter
4 Season's Choice hash brown patties
4 Breakfast Best fully cooked sausage patties
4 Goldhen large eggs
Happy Farms shredded cheddar, mild or sharp as desired

Prepare hash brown patties and sausage patties according to label directions.

Arrange 2 hash brown patties crisscross on the bottom bun followed by 2 sausage patties.

Beat eggs until blended to make an omelette in a 7- to 9-inch skillet. Sprinkle shredded cheddar on half of the omelette, then fold and cut in half forming 2 wedges.

Place egg wedge on top of the sausage, top with bun top.

We have 'em just about every Saturday.