It may or not be my name, but that's all you're getting.

I'm a fiction writer, unpublished as of yet, but my first and second serial novels are ongoing at my website. I'm working my way through a cycle of urban fantasy, cyberpunk, Tolkien-ish fantasy, Star Wars-ish sci-fi, and steampunk, in novels and novellas and short stories. Still not sure whether I'll go the route of traditional publishing, but judging by the total lack of eyes on my work at this point, it's looking more and more likely.

Some favorite authors:
Jim Butcher
Gail Carriger
Brandon Sanderson
Susanna Clarke
And I've read Harry Potter just... too many times.

I started writing my first novel in late 2015 when I was working as an English teacher in Hiroshima, Japan. I've since returned home and am trying to make a go of living as a "creative professional!" Thank god for the day job. As well as an unpaid writer, I'm also an unpaid illustrator, product designer, and entrepreneur. But I firmly believe that if you aren't at least trying to do what you love, you're just wasting time 'til you're dead, so I doubt I'll be stopping anytime soon.

Never done any beta reading, but feel free to ask!

Looking forward to making some new acquaintances here, and, perhaps even... friends!