I cant say I have had many rejections yet for my first book (or, perhaps, attempt at a book). I sent out ~15 queries, got a few rejections back, never heard from others. One agency told me that they get about 300 queries a week while another stated 600 a week. That was last summer.

Those numbers, basically, destroyed my confidence in getting a book picked up. Not just my book, but any book, and by anyone. It did a real number (pun intended) on my confidence. Long story short, I just packed it all in before I barely started.

Now, with a bit more free time and it being the start of the year and all that, I'm ready to delve into it more seriously (such as joining the forum here!)

I still think those numbers are staggering, and my only way of reconciling that problem is to simply...ignore it. It will fester and fester at the back of my mind, every time I sit down to write, and it may yet overcome me.

Does anyone have some insight to share on this kind of thing? Is it just a case of dealing with it? Is there some philosophical mantra I should have ? Thanks for any replies