I've written a 3,000 word nonfiction article, need an assessment. No grammar review, just what works, and what needs to be shored up. It's not a journalistic piece per se--has that expose element one finds in a New Yorker story. There is, though, a literary juxtaposition intertwined throughout this piece. A friend of mine who's taken journalism classes likes it, but I need someone who has nonfiction, expose experience.

My article is not for those who like Garrison Keillor, however. Yes, he has another side--not the lovable fellow that so many listened to on the Prairie Home Companion. I know, indirectly, neighbors who live close to Keillor. He can be a pill. And he's quick to bring legal action against those who he feels have wronged him. Thus, there's a need to keep this assessment confidential (I plan on using a pseudonym), eight to twelve comments would be fine. I'm willing to pay. Please let me know your fee.