This year, me and my writing partner accidentally made a new years resolution–because we accidentally started off the year off "write" by writing the first day and the second day. Then we decided, "i guess if we retroactively make it a new years resolution to write every day, we haven't failed yet."

So we set the rule.

We only have to write one sentence each.

But we do have to do it. Every day.

It's now month two, and the habit is firmly stuck. Only once did we use the "only one sentence" out. Because this resolution brought to light something which yeah, sure, seems obvious now, but it was really hard to grapple through in the thick of the writer's block. Showing up is 75% of the battle. We know how to write, it's like riding a bike, sure the writing isn't necessarily GREAT, but we're producing again, regularly, excitedly, and that draft will give us something to work on.

A few days ago, my writing partner was walloped with the plague and I (unusually) evaded it. Those days, we still wrote a couple paragraphs. She seemed to be pretty bummed, but those sick days, we still wrote more than the entire like, two year long bout with writer's block.

The first few days were awkward. There was a hurdle to push over and I'm not completely convinced I would have made it through if it wasn't a two-person commitment. But having made it back over the hill and back into Writing Habit Territory, let me tell you, if you've been there before you can make it back, even if it's a trek. You still know how to write.