I feel weird being here, as the romance genre really isn't my thing. At all. But I find I have an odd itch, and so I just wanted to ask.

I have developed a certain antipathy for the urban fantasy genre, because for years it was just about the only fantasy my local bookstore would stock, and almost all of it was in the paranormal romance subgenre. The sort about a female magic user of some stripe, being stalked by either a menagerie of various supernatural hunks, or just the one smarmy vampire bad boy.

Not exactly my thing. (And sorry if I'm being too negative.)

But I suddenly started thinking; is there something out there that reverses the gender roles in the typical UF setup? A normal-ish human male who falls in love with a supernatural woman? I think some interesting character stuff could be woven out of Mr. Mortal dealing with his attraction to a vampire/whatever, and with having a girlfriend that is way more powerful than him.

Just a thought.