And, all they seem to want is series books, 3-5 books. Which means that once they've published your first one, for good or bad, you're kinda stuck with them.

Also "While some of our more prolific authors are invited to specialized publishing services with a robust marketing budget, all of our authors receive unrivaled support from our publishing team to achieve their goals and grow with our publishing house."

While the less prolific get second-rate services with skimpy marketing? At least they're open about it. And I imagine once you sign, 'prolific' is going to mean 'crank it out or else'.

Because these are apparently their priorities for authors:

  • "Commit to publishing a series with us consisting of 5 or more books.
  • Write a new novel for Evershade per 3 month period.
  • Commit to a 4-year contract for each published title.
  • Produce consistently well written stories with engaging plots and lovable characters."

    What kind of a publishing company puts 'quality' exactly last on their list of expectations?