France 19:24 Wales
Scotland 33:20 Italy
Ireland 20:32 England

Okay, so the opening games of the 2019 championship have come and gone. France were, well France, squandering a 16:0 half-time lead to lose a game they should have taken by the scruff in the second half. I know the weather was diabolical, but still. (Looks like I wasn't the only one to laugh derisively when the commentators said something to the effect of: "This rain won't suit Wales." Excuse me? Not been in our soggy corner of the world, then?) What worries me is that Welsh supporters will expect too much of that comeback, though.

The Scotland/Italy clash was a bit of a yawn, but the last match... blimey! England looked scarily good and made the Ireland team, the class act of this championship for the last few years, seem very ordinary. At this rate I feel sorry for England's next opponents, France.