Only a couple of hours left in the month, so I'm updating. Overall it wasn't a bad month for goals, given everything that happened. I was able to keep up with the writing goal of 100 words per day, and ended up with about 5700 words total for the month. I think I'll give myself this same goal for March, since it seems to be working.

I didn't get my three books read for the month (I'm only about halfway through my second book), but stayed on track with the short-story reading. I'll keep that goal for March, too.

Although I was erratic with the exercise - didn't always get 30 minutes every day, but when I did get exercise it was usually for an hour or longer. I started eating more sensibly mid-month, and combined with being more active, managed to lose about five pounds.

I got the stuff for Book 1 off to the formatter this week, but between work and auditions, haven't gotten to the other three books yet. Hoping to get that taken care of by the weekend.

Don't forget to join us over in the March thread, to state your goals and get ready for a whole new month!

[x] Decide what to do with the first four novels of my series (depending on what happens with agent submissions from last month)
[x] Crowbar final royalty payment from 2018 from my deadbeat publisher
[x] Write 100 words a day
[x] Week One - 504 words (approx. 250 words per day)
[x] Week Two - 1610 words (approx. 230 words per day)
[x] Week Three - 1790 words (approx. 255 words per day)
[x] Week Four - 855 words (approx. 122 words per day)
[x] Week Five - 771 words (approx. 154 words per day)
[ ] Read three books 1 of 3
[x] Continue reading one short story a week
[ ] Get 30 minutes of exercise every day
[x] Week One
[ ] Week Two
[ ] Week Three
[ ] Week Four
[ ] Week
[ ] Review, rewrite acknowledgements and forward final edit files for Books 1-4 to formatter