I'm sorry for your loss mrsmig

I did pretty well with my goals last week. I had planned to listen to some of the Margaret Atwood lectures yesterday, but my the time I went to start it all the video pages on the site stopped loading properly. They're back up this morning, so I'll try and work some in to make up for skipping out the last two weeks.

[ ] ! Get editor booked for novella I've been sitting on. (Seriously, I need to do this already.)
[ ] Complete five more lessons of Margaret Atwood's Masterclass on writing.
● Decluttering progress:
[X] Find a place to keep a new give-away box.
[X] Start to put things in that box.
[ ] Sort and clear out office shelf.
● Read:
[X] The Outsider by Stephen King
[-] The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
[X] (Bonus) Finish Altered Carbon
● Hit my daily writing goals for the month:
[X] Week One
[X] Week Two
[ ] Week Three
[ ] Week Four
[ ] Week Five