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Thread: Struggling To Write 3-D Baddie

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    Struggling To Write 3-D Baddie

    Although I know that writing three-dimensional characters is best for novels, what makes them seem like real people and gives them complex motives and personalities, my internal struggle is that after I've written an outline for writing a mystery and come up with several scenarios with the "baddie" character, I'm worried that by doing so and giving the character excuses for their actions, that readers will end up sympathizing more with my "baddie" character, overriding my message of wanting to highlight the seriousness of real-life injustices and the pain that victims go through (because many in society already give excuses for it and already feel more sympathy towards the perpetrators than victims, and in my outline, the victim already is deceased, so the reader would be getting to spend more time with the "baddie" character, feel more sorry for them, etc.)

    It's very personal to me, so, I'm suddenly feeling as though, by writing a three-dimensional, sympathetic "baddie" character, that I'd not be writing the story I want to tell nor being truthful about my feelings, as though I have to write according to what others want, otherwise they'll be upset and turned off by me going after the "baddie" for their actions. Yet, I know that it's not good storytelling to have a one-dimensional character, and, in writing a novel, I'd need to include more things, than just one emotion.

    Does anyone else struggle with this or have any tips on what to do? I don't know. Perhaps, I'd have to rewrite the outline and show more scenes of the victim, to balance it.
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