Anyone who writes erotic fiction knows it isn't all sexytimes--there has to be a story and solid characters and a setting and all that sort of thing. And that often requires research.

I'm sometimes surprised or amused at the things I need to learn more about to get some detail right. It'll be fun for us to list some of the specific things we needed to research here. (Please, no sexual topics; this is for other research topics.)

I'll start. Today I did some research on the names of the parts of staircases and their railing systems. I found one of the terms I was looking for, baluster, but not the other, the name for the sphere or other decorative shape or finial on top of a newel post. All this for a moment when a character comes down the stairs, bare legs visible through the balusters, and pauses at the bottom, a hand on the top of the newel post, which is contemporary and not likely to be topped with a ball.

Maryn, who may have to take herself online shopping at Houzz or or someplace