Sam Harris released a new podcast. It's him and Douglas Rushkoff talking about Rushkoff's new book, Team Human. They also discuss media theory, social networking, and more. I really enjoyed it.

In the conversation Harris discusses a couple points I made in posts here - one post comparing Harris and Rushkoff. It triggered my paranoia.

He refuted this one (above). Fair play.

This one, I take it back. I feel embarrassed. I like Harris' work. I saw him live last year and really enjoyed it. There are a thousand examples I should've used in my criticism rather than him. He writes with precision and logic to convey big ideas.

I mean, I know I'm not the only one on the internet who's posted about preferring a podcast of a book to reading the book. It's probably all in my head. Nevermind me, just check out the youtube link above to the fascinating podcast.