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Thread: The 2019 Works We Loved Thread

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    The 2019 Works We Loved Thread

    This thread is for written works (short fiction, novels, etc.) we loved that were published in 2019, with an eye both towards recommending works to fellow readers and to throw titles in the Community Consideration Hat for next year's awards season.

    This is NOT a self-promo spot, so recommendations should not come from those works' authors. Mod has x-ray vision and can see right through your clever self-promo-ing disguise.

    If you're looking to nominate for this year's awards, see the 2018 thread.
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    Finder, DAW, April 2019 (& coming in May, 2020, the sequel: Driving the Deep)
    Taking Icarus Home, Asimov's Jan/Feb2019
    The Painter of Trees, Clarkesworld, June 2019
    Waterlines, Asimov's July/Aug 2019
    Dave's Head, Clarkesworld, Sep 2019

    "Terrible things are happening outside. At any time of night and day, poor helpless people are being dragged out of their homes. Families are torn apart; men, women and children are separated. Children come home from school to find that their parents have disappeared." -- Anne Frank

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