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No, we're not.

I'm not voting for Biden if he's the nominee, but that doesn't affect the election (as my state is full-bore blue).

If I lived in anything even approaching a swing state, I'd have to think very hard about what to do, because I agree the current administration is a horror show of epic proportions, but ffs, the old white men thing has to stop. I realize Obama was neither old nor white but everyone went out and voted for Hillary, she got the second-highest vote total in history, and look where we are. It begins to feel like a throw-up-your-hands situation. Like well, if the country wants to climb into a handbasket and the alternative is Joe Fucking Biden, so be it.

I get that's not helpful, and real people actually suffer and god forbid the Court but it's so depressing. I have the luxury of only voting for someone I care to vote for, and I'm exercising it. It doesn't mean I'm voting for Trump.
Okay, you have cited relevant exceptions. I concede that.