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Thread: Running List of Declared 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Introversion View Post
    Which is why I'm amazed there are so many of them (interchangeable unknowns) this time around. Do they have no one they trust who can tell them they haven't a credible chance? Is it just a vanity project for them?
    I think Moulton thought he was going to pull an AOC. Come from nowhere with his bold progressive agenda and catch fire. He tried. But he's a potato.

    The thing I notice about candidates is that there is something of a gender divide when it comes to motivations for running for office. Men, who have been told their whole lives they can be and do anything and who saw only presidents (save one, maybe) who looked like them and far more men than women in office in general, say things like "I was born to be in it" and vague, lofty, idealistic speeches. Women tend to have more specific, focused reasons. Lucy McBath, for example, ran for office because her son was murdered for being black and sitting in a car with music playing. I noticed it awhile ago and started paying more attention and looking candidates up, trying to avoid confirmation bias. It's not all men, of course. Inslee ran to raise awareness and action about climate change. There are others. But for a lot of the men, it boils down to, "Because I want to." And they've always been told they can. Women meanwhile are still being told we can't. That's what all the talk about "electability" is. People keep asking if women who have never lost an election are electable, while men can have a string of failed runs and it never comes up.
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