My MC has been abandoned and has to return to LA with her child in tow. She's about 18, has a little bit money (sold everything but her clothes), no prospects and her family does not want to hear from her.

I need a place/location where she could reasonably live in three stages:

a) First place, she just arrived from her failed eloping. Money is an issue, she has some and plans on helping herself with her comissions selling my universe's equivalent of Mary Kay. She won't stay there long. Maybe 4-6 months in 1968-1969.

b)A bad location where she could land after being evicted from previous place for nonpayment. Could even be a neighborhood where houses have been split into units with plywood and she lives in what used to be the living room with a communal bathroom (you know, the bathroom that served the first floor of the house). This would be from 1969 to 1975-76.

c) Good money in the 80's-90's. Holmby Hills?