Have you guys seen those ads for various "Masterclass" courses on Youtube? The writer ones tend to play before some videos I watch, and last night I saw one for Dan Brown's masterclass. I went to the site and for $180/year you can have access to all of the classes, which includes:

Dan Brown (Writing Thrillers)
Judy Blume (Writing)
James Patterson (Writing)
RL Stine (Writing for Young Audiences)
Margaret Atwood (Creative Writing)
Malcolm Gladwell (Writing)
Shonda Rhimes (Writing for Television)
Aaron Sorkin (Screenwriting)
David Mamet (Dramatic Writing)

Those are just the "writing" ones. There are lots and lots of others that cover a range of topics from music to investigative journalism (could go in the above list, I guess) to film-making to poker to wine appreciation to conservation (Jane Goodall), and on and on.

I'm really tempted. The courses are $90 individually, which makes $180/year for unlimited access to whichever ones you want seem like a pretty good deal.

Any experience with these? I'm really tempted.