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I'm going to say to not try to learn to type "properly." Touch typing, with your hands centered on the keys, can lead to repetitive stress injuries. I type with two fingers -- at like 70wpm (not by any design; I just never learned or was taught to touch type and typed from a young age and got faster). I move my hands around while I do and I think it's better in terms of ergonomics.
I think this is true.

I just type naturally and have found after time I don't need to look at the keys all the time. And I don't use the home keys technique I learned in high school. Try to use more than two fingers and the more you type, pretty soon you just get fast at it.

I should also point out, that home keys thing was used when typing required pushing hard on the mechanical keys, the same reason the letters are arranged the way they are: QWERTY.

Keyboards are completely different now.