I can report a similar experience (2019). In my case didn't get past a first email follow-up (when I was told I'd hear back in a few weeks). Shortly thereafter I discovered this thread and opted to just let it go. Never heard back.

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I would like to add my 2019 negative experience with Carrie Howland to the thread. First off, Carrie states on her new "Howland Literary" website that she is a member of the AAR yet when I checked AAR’s online database, nothing comes up.

  • Carrie requests full ms
  • Two months from the submission date I check-in via email and, at the same time, ask her about the post by SavvyShark on this site. After two months of silence, Carrie responds IMMEDIATELY with a looong email defending herself against SavvyShark’s post, discrediting the poster, saying it's one person posing as several etc. adding she should have comments on my ms the following week. I received nothing.
  • Three months from the submission date I check-in again via email. Again Carrie says she should have comments the following week. Again nothing.
  • Four months after the submission date I check in saying I assume there is no interest but would like to close the loop.
  • Carrie responds same day saying she read the ms “several” times (it's 400+pp so "several" seems to be stretching it) and writes a thoughtful review then, dissatisfied with the ending, asks many questions closing with, "I'm very much interested in hearing your thoughts on these notes.”
  • I email saying I’ll be back to her with a reply in a few days.
  • The following week I send my well thought out reply respectfully requesting a timely response.
  • Two weeks after sending the reply I check-in via email. No reply.
  • The following week - 3 wks from my emailed reply to her questions, I decide to phone. There is no phone number listed on her website or available from a google search. Again I email. Again nothing.

Carrie’s inability to respond in a timely manner is unprofessional and disrespectful in the extreme. The false statement about AAR membership is unsettling. I agree with other posters that no other agent has received such negative commentary. Do not bother with literary agent Carrie Howland - writers beware!