My favorite color is puce, not because I actually like the color puce, but because I like saying “The color puce”

I’ve just started writing this week, I never knew how fun it could be and I would love to improve my writing, I can’t wait to start reading your alls writing too!

I was an exchange student in Germany for 9 months and I got back in May, I miss the sausages.

I don’t actually have 10 amazing facts about my self, I wonder if that’s a bad thing. Anyway, I live near cincinnati, I’m 18 years old, and I just discovered that I really like to write. My favorite author (if I can call him that? I don’t know) is Hirohito Araki, and I hate fish.
Seriously though I’m so glad I found this forum, I’ve been looking for a forum to read other amateur writers works and to maybe post my own and this is by far the best one I’ve found. I can’t wait to read your guys works! And I love meeting new people so please feel free to message me about whatever whenever.