Thank you all for the feedback! Looks like it's unanimous on Armée Secrète.

I sometimes translate things you wouldn't necessarily expect, not to make it easier for the reader, but to close the psychological distance. I do this because of a single book I read, in which an American (who was fluent in German) visited in Germany in the 30s. In the dialogues he had with people he met there, Hitler was not called "the Führer," but its translation: "the Leader." It was amazing the difference it made. To your backbrain (if you're not a German speaker presumably b/c I gather it means a bunch of things including "driver"), "Führer" basically just says "hi we're the bad guys." "Leader" says "y'know people feel more comfortable with a firm hand on the reins sometimes and are you sure it could never happen here?"

But, Armée Secrète is not really in the same category! I'm glad you all agree, because I like the sound of it too. And yes, it is the real name.

I'll have to give some more thought to Diane. Luckily it'll be quite awhile before she shows up. Despite her obvious appeal, I'm not able to use her as more than a minor character unfortunately...