Hey all - can't believe I haven't hung out in this subforum, I'd like to start!

I'm doing WWII France, I have a character who's in the Maquis. His division of the Maquis was called the Armée Secrète, which translates to Secret Army.

Which do you think would appeal to you more on the page--calling it Secret Army, or Armée Secrète?

Also, there's a wonderful historical figure, a female organizer in the Maquis (an American who had been parachuted into the area despite having a wooden leg) whose codename was Diane. That's Dee-awn, the French version of Diana, the goddess, and... I kind of want to call her Diana. Simply because if I call her Diane, the American reader will mentally pronounce it Di-ann and think of, I don't know, someone they know, but not a goddess.