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Nothing to do with slavery or work, although some parallels. And there would be various types of injuries as well, so that could make the character confused as to how it originated as well as giving credence and leeway. I wonder if flexibility is affected by whipping? I can see that there could be some longer term muscular effect.
Flexibility would likely be affected if it went into the muscle layer. Damage to muscle can cause things like knotting, which could make it difficult to bend if the damaged tissue is on his back or something (it could even happen purely from getting a very deep, knotted scar which made the skin less able to stretch enough).

I saw you said it would manifest much later on. How long, roughly? 5 years? As far as I'm aware, once the injury heals, the effects should probably show up shortly after, rather than suddenly manifesting years later (unless something triggered it). I'm not an expert at all though.