Hello, my name is Victory!

You can call me 'Vic' for short, I heard about writing and reading groups for about 4 to 5 years now, I didn't ever have the time or motivation to seek one out, but I guess now I decided anytime is better then never, I hope to add to your community of writers and learn, absorbing knowledge along the way.

I was born in Nigeria, and at the moment am a male of 21 years of age still serving in the United States Navy, I am also an American citizen since birth I was born with dual citizenship, I have lived all over the world from in the states Chicago IL, Pensacola FL, Greenfield IN, San Diego CA, Michigan and more that I can't think of from the top of my head; out of country (Overseas or Abroad) though I've lived in or visited Sasebo Japan, Okinawa Japan, Fukuoka Japan, Pataya Thailand, Bangkok Thailand, Guam, Lagos Nigeria, Morocco, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and more, I am well traveled just missing mostly a lot of the European countries which I am sure I will get to visit one day, but where I would really love to see is Greece.

I'm writing a book, or should I say have been writing a book for the past 10 years or so, and still am not done with ideas for it, I have attempted writing it down in multiple different ways, in the beginning I wanted it to be a manga and then I was given a suggestion to write a book about it instead, I dabbled with the idea of making it an american style comic again, but now I think my greatest strength again will be writing it down into a novel, which is where you all come in! I need criticism and help, a lot of it, and encouragement and praise is always welcomed but I seriously need a critical eye to tell me where I am going wrong, I hope to be around for awhile to also give back my support and help on other writers works, at the same time learning myself.

Thank you again for having me.