"Contemporary Southern Gothic Fantasy" made me think of "Beautiful Creatures" which has all those factors under the YA umbrella, though it likely has nothing else in common.

Try The Knight Agency and see what happens.

Your bullet points have assumptions, like fantasy automatically equals dragons or that ghosts always mean horror. It is a very inclusive genre. That point only tells an agent that you've not read nearly enough in the field. Leave out what it is not and focus on what it IS.


One of my writer friends had a hard time selling her cross genre book back in the 90's. She thought of it as a mystery but it had supernatural stuff in it. The only buyers for that were horror houses. Mystery publishers rejected it outright, they didn't like spooks in their stuff. She finally clicked with a fantasy/SF house with nary a dragon or rocket ship in sight.

The main key is write something awesome that will keep readers up all night to see what happens next, get it beta readers, revise, tweak, and shop it while writing the next book.