I'm piecing together a space opera setting, and it includes orders of superpowered mystics. I want to give them identifying outfits, but there is the issue of being neither too derivative, nor going too elaborate for the sake of uniqueness. I mean, hooded robes are cool but I think the Jedi pretty much own that one.

I have three variants:

1) The good guys who serve as protectors and guardians.

2) A subset of the above who are pure pacifists and healers.

3) Violent megalomaniacs who have burned their brains out on dark magic.

Putting the bad guys in black is the immediate, obvious move. But that's just it; it's the obvious move. One could play with a bit of subversion and put the heroes in black (to be explained by some cultural worldbuilding), and the evil lunatics in white. Except I already created an order of white-clad villains in another setting. (the white symbolised a warped definition of purity)

I've thought about going for asymmetry for group 1; they have good in them, but also enough darkness to kick ass, so maybe a yin-yang theme in their outfits.

But I'd like to hear what people think. How to symbolise 1) balance, life, energy 2) purity and peace 3) violence, death and rage, through colours or basic patterns/symbols? (I say "basic" because describing complex outfits in prose is hard)