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Reviews from customers come with numbers, the common estimate is one per 100 sales.
This. My (trade-published) book has had some nice store placement recently, and Iím seeing that reflected a bit in Bookscan sales numbers, but the number of Amazon reviews? Hasnít budged in maybe a year, since before the paperback came out. This is a long, long game. Organic reviews are really hard to getóbut you know that.

The GR reading rounds sound like a good tool; Iíd definitely do that with a self-published book. Maybe also get fresh eyes on your pitch/blurb if it hasnít already been exhaustively critiqued and honed. Do you have Little Free Libraries where you live? People definitely take the books, though what they do with them I could not say. Have you tried local media and pushing a local angle? Small outlets? They may have a ďno self-published booksĒ policy, or they may not. Media folks probably wonít leave Amazon reviews (I donít when I review a book), but they might bring the book to the attention of people who will.