So I just got my first review on Amazon after the book's been on there for a year, sold/downloaded around 24-30 times, and I've dropped some 10 copies in crowded places. I'm getting another 10 tomorrow and stickers that explicitly say that this book is a free handout and would appreciate a review, to drop in book stores with staff permission.

I've attended a comic and novel convention, and held a giveaway on Instagram and appropriate Facebook groups for free copies of the paperback in exchange for the promise of a review (positive, negative, don't care) as well as "refund after review". I got 1 taker for a free copy, and the deadline to review it (30 days) has passed several months ago. You'd think that if people hate the book, they'd be more likely to post a review, what with human nature of focusing on/complaining about the bad things in life, but not even a bad review was given. I did give a squee at the one I did get now

I have 48 friends on Facebook none of whom I want to share this book with. Hence the pen name. I don't do Twitter. And while I'm paid a nice salary to help others market themselves and reach customers, I'm shit at marketing ME and MY stuff.

I've tried to get the book listed on Libri so brick and mortar stores would sell it, but it needs to be published with a "real" publisher for that. I'm in no position to open and pay taxes on my own business just to say "Hey, I got a registered publisher, and it's run by and only representing ME!". I'd also suck at that. Of all the agents and reviewers I've contacted, half never responded and those who did, all declined. I am so bad at telling people "Hey, you might like this, please give it a chance". Maybe because my grandma used to slap me for bragging? *shrugs*

What does one do in my position? I hate that my baby of 4 years flops like this.