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Thread: How do you handle the dreaded writer's block when it hits?

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    figuring it all out kranix1's Avatar
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    May 2019
    This'll seem pretty obvious but it's how I handle writer's block. My post count isn't going to get to fifty by itself.

    I start with the character i'm supposed to be writing and where they are physically at that point, a room, a clearing, a cave, a beach whatever. Usually the problem is what they are supposed to do or say. If a sentence doesn't immediately come to me, I try to get in their mind.

    I do that by exploring all the sensations they might be experiencing in that place, the feel of the wind, the scent of dry leaves, the sounds they hear or lack thereof. Once I get into whatever sensations they may be experiencing I can usually find a thread of thought to explore. After that it's just stream of consciousness and once I get a page or two I usually have to pare it down and redirect it. Usually I can get a good foothold this way.

    The danger is it can meander too much and I stray too far away from the actual plot. That's why I work with a co-writer. We keep each other in check.
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