It's not particularly easy to know how to offer suggestions to someone I don't know. Sure, I could recite the usual stuff that people say, or quote respected authors, or write about what I do to deal with my writer's block. Frankly, I don't feel qualified, or know enough about someone here, to get a handle on what to suggest. BUT... you've asked and I appear to be offering an answer. So, with these qualifiers in mind, I'll do the obvious and share how I deal with it - on the off chance that it may be of some use to someone.

I write every single day. Some days I write complete throwaway trash. I write in a journal with an eye to write my entries as though they are going to be critiqued by the world. Not that I care about that specifically, but it allows me (at any rate) to keep up whatever good practices I can. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I fail. But I do the writing, anyway.

When the well of a story (or whatever I am working on) goes dry, I don't make any attempt at jiggling the handle to get it flowing again. It's dry, I tell myself, and I have no interest in writing about sand. So I move on to something else, or just lean on my custom of writing in my journal, writing on a forum (such as this one,) or working on something prosaic such as documentation for the software I am developing, or scat the last dream I had, or work on a design document.

It's a discipline, I think. You just do it. It doesn't have to mean anything, impress anyone, or have any intrinsic value. Not good advice, I imagine, for someone who is not me, or does not have a similar constitution.

As far as making attempts on returning to my current story - I think about it while in the bathroom, standing on the veranda with a coffee, of while walking my usual route around the neighborhood. Or I won't think about it but rather pay attention while observing the world around me. (I refuse, however, to allow the news or the absurd raging of social media to affect my story ideas.)

I keep my thoughts to myself - in the sovereignty of my mind - so as not to weaken or dissipate the energy of creation. For better or worse, I don't share what I'm working on until and unless I need trusted eyes to take a look at it. Sometimes that's my wife, a friend, or perhaps a critique from a site such as this; that is - one that I trust not to manhandle my creative process.

I say all of this to put my process into perspective, not to claim any useful value in it to anyone else. However, I hope that maybe there is a paragraph, or a sentence, or general idea in all this that you may find useful.

In short - I do the things that keep me writing and thinking about writing. Sometimes it works like gangbusters. Sometimes it results in abandoning my project. (Which I may take up again or start over after some though.)

If you have read this far, then thank you for your time. It turned into a wall of words, didn't it, only to say that I just keep writing. Something. Anything.