I'm a big movie goer. When I was a kid I saw Poltergiest and it scared the *#^@ out of me. It was years before I saw another horror movie and I have phobias from that movie I retain even today. However, like hot sauce, I really got into scary movies. Since then I've seen two movies that really scared me. (Signs and Blair Witch - which pick on your imagination)

I could never imagine a story scaring me as much as a movie, but I'd love to hear about them. Hitchcock did a story about a killer threatens the reader. It actually scared me for a minute but it wasn't the "can't go outside at night for weeks" that I got with Blair Witch. I guess I'm asking - Can you write a book that is terrifying to a jaded horror vet?

Side topic; When South Park did the episode about Scrotim McBooger Balls, the book that made you physically ill immediately upon reading it, I spent months wondering if crafting such a book could be possible. I don't think so, but the idea continues to intrigue me.

- Mark Charke