Hi everyone!

Yesterday I received a response to a submission from a publisher which left me a bit confused. I think it's an R&R (as they DO say that if I'm willing to revise they invite me to resubmit - and that's... basically what an R&R is, isn't it?), but when it comes to the issues they have with the book, they specify one major concern about scene-to-scene flow without really telling me a lot about it? By which I mean that the email is really short and without specifics. I guess they mean the scenes end and start too abruptly, and I can work on that, but the shortness and non-specificity of the requested revision makes me a little anxious. Is that a usual thing in an R&R? I been reading about some other writers who got pages of edits, or at least two or three big things like, more character development, wrong pace and such, but flow...? What am I missing? I know that without reading the actual book it might be tricky to offer any advise, but anything will help (and if anyone wanted to see some stuff, I am willing to trade critiques)!

Another thing that occurred to me was just getting back to them (which I will do in any case, to tell them that I am happy to revise) and asking for a bit more direction or pointers. Is that something I could do, or is that a big no-no? (Other posts I have seen make me think it is something I could do, or at least is something other people have done, but I wanted to make sure.)

And finally the needy, anxious person in me needs to know... is the vagueness a bad sign? ()

Thanks a lot in advance!!