Hi Lane,

Thank you for your time here!

My question is about the etiquette of changing agents. I signed up with mine eighteen months ago, but I don't think we are a good match. One of my questions before signing was how involved the agent was on the editorial front, and I was assured it would be "as much as you want." However, my first novel went on submission with only line edits. It didn't sell. I recently delivered the first draft of a new one, after specifically asking if the agent was happy to provide general, big-picture guidance. I was told yes -- but got it back again with only line edits. The agent says we're ready to go on sub after I fixed those. I'm not so sure.

I don’t' want to end up with another novel not selling. I feel I need a different agent -- but I'm scared of going back into querying and taking forever to find a new one. I had another offer back when I signed with current agent. Would it be a great faux pas to ask them if they'd consider me before breaking up with current agent? I don't want to end up agent-less…

Any advice much appreciated!