That line passes muster, in my opinion. Before I forget, thanks for being understanding about the need to delete inappropriate material where anyone could see it.

What I try to do when I'm posting in this thread is imagine a real thirteen-year-old like I see near the middle school. They're nothing like the actors playing thirteen-year-olds, who are really seventeen or twenty and mouthing lines written by people in their thirties. The real kids are children on the cusp of being young teens. The girls often have crazy long legs and no waists, haven't mastered how to dress, have unflattering hairstyles, braces, or glasses that will make them cringe in a few years, an utter lack of sophistication. They're naive but eager to appear far more experienced and jaded than they are, when many have zero experience with anything sexual, even kissing.

If it would be okay for them to see what I posted, then it's okay here.

Maryn, cute in her moderator hat (and an overprotective parent, her adult kids insist)