I finished March Violets by Philip Kerr, for my You Might Also Like challenge, (recommended).
In this quite short detective mystery, the first of Kerr’s acclaimed series, former Berlin police inspector Bernie Gunther is asked by millionaire Hermann Six to investigate the deaths of his daughter and son in law. Against a chilling backdrop of increasing Nazi regulations and persecution preparatory to the 1936 Berlin Olympiad, Gunther, who specializes in missing persons, follows clues indicating arson and a diamond burglary, and soon uncovers unsavoury truths and gruesome bodies. After several painful run-ins with thugs intent on thwarting his investigation, he receives personal instructions from someone very high up in the government. Someone he cannot refuse.
I enjoyed this mystery. Kerr is clearly well documented in his descriptions of Berlin and Nazi Germany, and the reader can perceive the underlying fear and foreboding permeating German society. I shall definitely read more of this excellent series.