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Thread: The 2019 AW Book Reading Challenge! New year, new categories, new books and new friends

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    And back at it again, as I just start Rick Yancey's The Infinite Sea, Book 2 of the 5th Wave trilogy. Humanity has been devastated by invading aliens, who then work to turn survivors against each other. A small group, working with an alien who does agree with the genocidal tactics, struggle to survive. Literally just started reading this, but so far it matches the previous book's tone.

    ETA - And finished The Infinite Sea yesterday. This book actually addresses one of the minor issues I had with the previous volume: how the aliens' plan to finish of humans seemed a bit illogical and roundabout given their capabilities. The matter is partially answered here. Characters continue to have unexpected depths, though everyone's pretty much run through the wringer from start to finish. Being the middle book in a trilogy, things both begin and end up in the air, and being a dystopia/apocalypse tale there's not much in the way of lightness. Still, it has some wonderful writing, turning the end of the world into a sort of tragic poem as experienced by the last handful of humans resisting the invaders and ultimate extinction. I need to track down the third book, I think.

    Next up, I really need to push myself through my eBook read right now, so it'll be a bit before I get back to my Extra Credit challenge.

    Challenge Status FINISHED: (12/12)

    1. Lockwood & Co.: The Whispering Skull, Jonathan Stroud (Started 4/27, Finished 5/3)
    2. The Name Of This Book Is Secret, Pseudonymous Bosch (Started 1/7, Finished 1/12)
    3. Bitter Seeds, Ian Tregillis (Started 5/10, Finished 5/27)
    4. For a Muse of Fire, Heidi Heilig (Started 4/15, Finished 4/20)
    5. The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, Jacqueline Kelly (Started 2/9, Finished 2/18)
    6. Skyward, Brandon Sanderson (Started 3/17, Finished 3/27)
    7. The Tiger's Daughter, K. Arsenault Rivera (Started 6/11, Finished 6/15)
    8. Discount Armageddon, by Seanan McGuire (Started 3/14, Finished 3/17)
    9. Endling#1: The Last, Katherine Applegate (Started 1/21, Finished 1/22)
    10. Born a Crime, Trevor Noah(Started 6/17, Finished 6/20)
    11. Spellslinger, Sebastien de Castell (Started 1/14, Finished 1/16)
    12. Fur Magic, Andre Norton (Started 2/7, Finished 2/9)

    Extra Credit: Get On With It, Already! (4/12)

    1 - The Tropic of Serpents, Marie Brennan (Book 2 of the Memoirs of Lady Trent) (Started 2/20, Finished 2/26)
    2 - The Wall of Storms, Ken Liu (Book 2 of the Dandelion Dynasty)
    3 - The Shadow Throne, Django Wexler (Book 2 of the Shadow Campaigns)
    4 - The Infinite Sea, Rick Yancey (Book 2 of the 5th Wave trilogy) (Started 7/15, Finished 7/19)
    5 - Morning Star, Pierce Brown (Book 3 of the Red Rising series)
    6 - Arabella and the Battle of Venus, David D. Levine (Book 2 of the Arabella of Mars series) (Started 7/1, Finished 7/5)
    7 - The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There, Catherynne M. Valente (Book 2 of the Fairyland series)
    8 - Across the Great Barrier, Patricia C. Wrede (Book 2 of the Frontier Magic series)
    9 - The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson (a Mistborn novel)
    10 - Legion of Flame, Anthony Ryan (Book 2 of the Draconis Memoria series)
    11 - Green Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson (Book 2 of the Mars trilogy)
    12 - Binti: Home, Nnedi Okorafor (Book 2 of the Binti trilogy) (Started 1/22, Finished 1/27)
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