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What a nice dress, and I'm glad you were able to wear it to something. And that nothing fell off. lol! I do not have any talents in the sewing arts at all, all I can do is just draw, and attempt to write.
You have some mad drawing skills, Tepelus! And the '20's outfit is super cute.

I have been known to draw, but nothing historical, and not much recently. I've focused more on writing than visual art since high school, which was lo these many years ago. I think the last drawing I did was several years ago of Olga Korbut in mid-flight (this was a few years post-college).

Anyway, I was surprised at how quickly I got used to walking around in a hoop skirt. Although it looks cumbersome, it's light. As long as your corset is fit well and your skirt is high enough not to trip you, it's not that hard to get around unless you're in a confined space. Which goes to show, even though it's easy to gasp and say, "Oh, how silly, hoop skirts!", our ancestors were not entirely insane. These were everyday garments, so they were, in fact, livable. Not the *most* practical fashion, but not a torture device or something that left women immobile.