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Thread: Ownership/Sample Work Questions

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    Dec 2018

    Ownership/Sample Work Questions

    Hi all,

    This is my first post on the forum. l've been freelancing for a little over six months.

    Currently, l work as a ghostwriter and transfer ownership of my content to the agency or client-perfectly clear and no questions about that. l'd like to branch out from using what's in my portfolio from when l started, but l'm not sure that l'm ehtically permiited to share my work when seeking out new clients.

    Should l notify my content manager that l would like to use content I've created as part of my portfolio? My name isn't attached to the files or content or anything claiming ownership-aside from potentially attaching them to applications with new clients. l'm not trying to publish them elsewhere- to be clear.

    l'm a little clueless about some aspects of the business and marketing side when it comes to freelancing, and l moved a little more quickly into the field than l was expecting.

    Hoping to learn a lot here,

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