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On the topic of finishing, I agree with the previous posts. I just sort of know. I figure it's a brain and biology thing and why novels end up the length they all end up 90 to 120 000 words. That just feels right. Of course the more you write the more you may find this number stretches. One of my books is 320 000 words but I chose that number because it's the length of one of Tolkien's books.

As for editing, well, I'm a broke writer doing editing, layout, art, web design and everything by myself right now. I go through my books a few times and then I run the book through a couple different spell checkers and listen to friends if they find any mistakes. But yeah, when I'm in a position to afford better spellchecking and art, it's a thing to do.

- Mark Charke
.. I've self-publishing in mind to begin with but seeing friends who have done it with great difficulty ... I kind of changed my mind. But then I'm running into the first hurdler - the query letter.