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Thread: A short-story reading challenge in 2019

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    Catching up on my progress in the BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES 2019 anthology:

    I backed up to read Jeffrey Eugenides' Bronze, Ella Martinsen Gorham's Protozoa and Nicole Krauss' Seeing Ershadi. I'm in agreement with Chris P's assessment of all three stories; I liked Seeing Ershadi the best, for its smooth, mysterious narrative. Moving forward, Manuel Munoz' Anyone Can Do It, about two women in agricultural California whose husbands haven't come home (one assumes they've been picked up in an immigration raid) was a good read - I enjoyed its somber, matter-of-fact tone. Sigrid Nunez' The Plan left me cold - as weird as it sounds, I just couldn't get interested in the murderous, misogynistic main character.

    Maria Reva's Letter of Apology was interesting (particularly its description of the flooded Ukranian neighborhood where much of the story takes place), but it went on too long for my taste. Karen Russell's Black Corfu was an odd and sometimes intriguing take on a zombie theme but, again, it seemed overlong to me, and the ending a bit predictable. I didn't care for Said Sayrafiezadeh's Audition at all; maybe it's because I'm in the acting business myself and the main character's flabby attempts at building a career (and indeed, a life) was irritatingly familiar. Alexis Schaitkin's Natural Disaster, about a woman who finds meaning in writing real estate descriptions, took its time getting to the point, but I liked the latter third of it very much.

    I'm four stories out from finishing this anthology and to be honest, will be glad when it's done. I'm finding many of the stories to be something of a plod. However, finishing it will bring my short story count for the year to a nice, even 100.

    ETA: I read Lakey's recommendation of Jen Fawkes' Possible Wildlife in Road, and am echoing her response of "Oof." I don't think it's going to make my favorites list - everyone is just so damaged - but I appreciate the writing, which I found reminiscent of Annie Proulx.

    My count to date is: 97.

    And my favorites are:

    1. "Lucky Dragon" by Viet Dinh (O. Henry Prize Stories Anthology 2018)
    2. "Nights in Logar" by Jamil Jan Kochai (O. Henry Prize Stories Anthology 2018)
    3. "Queen Elizabeth" by Brad Felver (O. Henry Prize Stories Anthology 2018)

    4. "The Candlestick" by Carla Miriam Levy (GNU Journal 2019)
    5. "A New England Nun" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (Great Stories by American Women)
    6. "About Time" by Elizabeth Bonesteel (from the author's website)
    7. "Hellion" by Julia Elliott (Best American Short Stories 2019)

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